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Payroll Deduction Program for Computer Purchases

The voluntary payroll deduction plan from The Cornell Store allows active Cornell University staff and faculty to purchase computer hardware over 24- or 26-pay periods (laptops, desktops, tablets and printers all qualify).

Terms of the Agreement

  1. Initial payment equal to one pay period deduction due at time of purchase
  2. A non-refundable $20.00 processing fee due at time of payment
  3. Minimum purchase value of $250.00 with a limit of up to $3,000 may be deferred based on selected income
  4. Exempt employees with 24 pay periods (paid semi-monthly) will have 23 payments deducted by payroll (first payment was taken at time of purchase)
  5. Non- Exempt employees with 26 pay periods (paid bi-weekly) will have 25 payments deducted by payroll (first payment was taken at time of purchase)
  6. If an employee ends their employment with Cornell University, The Cornell Store must be notified immediately and the employee must arrange payment in full.
  7. Agreement can be revoked if paid in full by cash, certified check or valid credit card. No partial pre-payments will be accepted. The employee must contact The Cornell Store in advance to pay off balance.

Cornell Employee Eligibility

  1. At this time, payroll deduction is not available for employees of Weill Cornell Medicine and affiliated hospitals
  2. Must be a current nine or twelve month Cornell Faculty or Staff Member. Must be listed in Workday under the following job family group: Academic Non-Faculty, Academic Other, Faculty, Staff, Union
  3. Must be employed at Cornell University for a minimum of six (6) consecutive months prior to date of purchase
  4. Must have sufficient resources to make the payroll deductions
  5. Must not be carrying a balance on a previous computer deferment
  6. Deferment Amount Eligibility (selected by Cornell employee, honor system):
    • Employees making $20,000 or below are eligible for up to $1000 deferred payment plan
    • Employees making between $20001 - $39999 are eligible for up to $2000 deferred payment plan
    • Employees making $40000 or greater are eligible for up to $3000 deferred payment plan

Item Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Item must be a Computer Hardware Device. Laptops, Desktops, MacBooks, Printers, and Tablets all qualify. Computer accessories may be added on to the hardware purchase but not as a sole transaction.
  2. Minimum purchase value of $250.00 with an initial payment and store fee due at time of purchase. The amount deferred cannot exceed $3,000
  3. There are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on products purchased via payroll deduction unless a product is defective.

Sign Up for Payroll Deduction and Order Online

View instructions on how to place an order online and initiate the payroll deduction process.