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Important Spring 2020 eBook Information

Beginning in March, The Cornell Store partnered with digital course materials platforms, VitalSource and Redshelf, as well as leading publishers to launch free access to ebooks through May 25 for students who may have lost access to course materials with the rapid move to remote learning. With the semester winding down, these programs are coming to a close and free ebook access will end May 25, 2020. While free ebooks provided during this program will no longer appear, you will maintain access to your digital bookshelf accounts.


VitalSource bookshelf.vitalsource.com


Redshelf cornellstore.redshelf.com

Digital Course Materials

eBooks and access codes are a great way to access your course content digitally. These digital course materials can be purchased through The Cornell Store online and in-store.

Digital Course Materials (ebooks/Access Codes) FAQs

How do I purchase an ebook or digitally delivered access code from The Cornell Store?
In-store: all ebooks and access codes that are available digitally will display an “ebook” price on our electronic shelf tags. If the book or access code for your course is available digitally, a barcode will print on your book list or display on your mobile device. To purchase, take this barcode to a cashier. A redemption code will print out on a receipt. To redeem: visit cornellstore.redshelf.com and enter the redemption code. The product will then appear in your Redshelf account.

Online: all ebooks and access codes that are available digitally will display an ebook price on our online booklist. To purchase, add this product to your Cornell Store online shopping cart. When you complete your checkout any ebooks or digital access codes that you purchased will be delivered with a redemption code via email. To redeem: visit cornellstore.redshelf.com and enter the redemption code. The product will then appear in your Redshelf account.

Can I use the CornellCard to purchase ebooks and digital access codes from The Cornell Store?
Yes, if you buy them from The Cornell Store. If you purchase an ebook directly from our affiliate Redshelf or other vendors you will not be able to use your CornellCard.

How do we read ebooks purchased from The Cornell Store?
Ebooks that are bought through The Cornell Store are used on the Redshelf eReader. Visit cornellstore.redshelf.com to learn more.

How are the prices for ebooks and Access Cards determined?
Ebook and access code prices are set by the publisher of the product. The Cornell Store has no control over the price of an ebook or access code.

What type of devices can I use for an ebook purchased from The Cornell Store?
The Cornell Store ereader partner Redshelf follows a “Bring Your Own Device” model. Their technology is a HTML5 browser-based ereader; meaning that students can access their materials on any internet-enabled device including tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops. Offline access is available, but no downloads are required.

For how long is my ebook valid?
Ebooks sold at The Cornell Store are valid for at least 180 days. Some ebooks may be available for longer. If you desire shorter access the ebook may be available from Redshelf for different durations at cornellstore.redshelf.com.

What is the difference between an ebook and an access code?
Ebooks are the digital version of a book publication. Access codes can be many things including but not limited too: combination of an ebook and software, homework management software, publisher software, etc. Many courses use access codes; many times the access code and software include access to an ebook. In this case, these ebooks will be read through a different ereader than Redshelf. Access codes vary greatly in what they offer; please check with the professor of your course to understand exactly what you will receive with a specific access code.

Who is Redshelf?
Redshelf is a company that focuses on the delivery of etextbooks in a simple and affordable manner. They are a vendor that The Cornell Store has partnered with to offer digital materials to students since 2014. Redshelf provides digital content from the world’s leading academic publishers, consumer trade publishers, self-publishers and a variety of other content creators.

How do I begin reading a Redshelf ebook?
After you have redeemed your redemption code on the cornellstore.redshelf.com site simply login at any point. You will be directed to your “MyShelf” where all redeemed products can be accessed.

Are Redshelf ebooks available without an internet connection?
Yes. The Redshelf eReader offers an offline function where users can select a page range to cache within their browser for when Wi-Fi is not available. The percentage of offline availability is determined by the publisher. This is not a downloadable ebook. To determine if your ebook will allow for offline access, look at the percentage listed on the title details page prior to purchase at Redshelf.com.

Is printing allowed?
Yes. Redshelf’s eReader offers a printing function where users can select a page range to print. The percentage of the ebook that is available to print is determined by its publisher. Please note: not all ebooks will allow printing.

Is there information on how to use Redshelf eReader online?
Redshelf has many different features built into their eReader. To help answer questions about your Redshelf account, eReader functionality such as highlighting, notes, dictionaries, flash cards, etc. visit https://cornellstore.redshelf.com/faq/

Where can I get help with my RedShelf account?
Call RedShelf’s student help number at 312-878-2628.