Efforts by The Cornell Store to reduce the cost of textbooks for students:

Price Comparison Tool for Student Booklists

Students view their booklist with prices from The Cornell Store vs. online sellers like Amazon.com, Half.com, Chegg.com and others. Students can purchase direct from competition if desired.

Digital eBook Offerings

The Cornell Store has partnered with Redshelf a third party ebook company to provide ebooks for as many textbooks as possible. eBooks are available for purchase or for rent and are in an HTML5 format.

Rental Textbooks

The Cornell Store offers on average over 60% of the books used during a semester for rent to students. Rental books on average save 55% on the price of the book.

Affordability Score in Textbook Ordering Tool

Our web based textbook ordering scores the price of a textbook based on national statistics to help a professor in making a selection.

Digital Shelf Tags

The new use of digital shelf tags in our textbook department allows the store to lower the prices of books instantly, add more rentals, and display accurate information to students.

Alternative Textbook Ordering

The Cornell Store also utilizes non-traditional ordering tools to order stock of textbooks at lower prices. Any savings are passed directly to the students.