Welcome New Cornell Faculty

We use an online platform for collecting course materials adoptions from instructors. Each term, you will receive an email from us containing a personalized link that will take you to the website to order your course materials.

There really isn’t one, but the earlier you submit your orders, the more time we have to source options and negotiate with publishers to save your students money. Please submit your orders as soon as your schedule is finalized and you have made a decision.

Students can log in with their NetID at cornellstore.com on their phones, tablets and computers to view their personalized booklist.

Sometimes. When your students shop for their books on our website, cornellstore.com, they’re shown our prices alongside our online competitors’ prices. They can choose where to buy each book individually, and the checkout process is easy! We want them to get the best deal, so this is our way of offering transparent pricing and putting the choice in their hands.

The Cornell Store discontinued its rental program starting in the fall of 2020 due to a combination of factors such as the increase in the use of digital materials and a decreased demand from students for rental books. With the roll out of the Cornell Academic Materials Program (CAMP), the Cornell Store has continued its commitment to reducing academic material costs for students. By providing materials in a digital format rather than print, this new program hopes to save students money in a more sustainable way.

Yes! We offer hundreds of ebook titles through our ebook partner, Vitalsource. For more information on the Vitalsource ereader, check out cornellstore.vitalsource.com.

We have staff dedicated to custom publishing right here in the store. As a service to faculty and their students, we can take care of all copyright clearances, cleanup and organization of documents, and printing and selling your custom course materials. Read our Custom Course Packet Ordering page or email custompub@cornell.edu for more information.

Be sure to ask these three questions when speaking with your publisher representatives:

  1. What are all of the available formats for the materials I’m considering?
  2. Do you have any data on improved learning outcomes from use of the digital/homework/online component you are recommending?
  3. What is the net price for the product? (This is the bookstore’s cost. With this information, you can contact us to find out what the price to students will be.)


Yes! the Cornell Academic Materials Program is a new university-wide program that provides undergraduate students taking undergraduate courses at Cornell with access to their required textbooks and coursepacks for a single flat-rate cost, $225 per semester. All materials in this program are provided in a digital format within Canvas and become available for students to access no later than the first day of classes. Learn more about the benefits of this program, how the program works, and find answers to frequently asked questions at: academicmaterials.cornell.edu.