Important Textbook Information

The Cornell Store is continually working to find ways to help students manage their investment in academic materials. Efforts include:

  • offering undergraduates the flexibility, convenience and lower-costs of digital textbooks through a subscription based all-inclusive Cornell Academic Materials Program;
  • offering digital textbooks and publisher software for participating graduate and professional courses directly in Canvas through the Instant Access Program;
  • offering an online price comparison tool to compare textbook prices from campus sponsored digital programs with the global market and other online merchants;
  • educating faculty on cost-conscious textbook adoption strategies;
  • helping faculty produce and convert custom coursepacks that consolidate academic materials from multiple sources into one cost-effective digital product.

Cornell Academic Materials Program

In fall 2022, Cornell launched a new academic materials program for undergraduate students.

Program Overview

Through the new Cornell Academic Materials Program, undergraduate students will be able to access required textbooks and course packs for undergraduate-level courses at a single cost of $275 per semester (compared to an average cost of $620 per semester nationwide). All undergraduate students are automatically opted in to this program. Any students who wish to opt out for the fall 2024 semester must do so by September 13, 2024. Students will receive an email July 2, 2024 with a link to opt-out or students may opt out in Canvas once digital materials are available around August 23, 2024. For students receiving financial aid, the Academic Materials fee is included in the cost of attendance.

Students will receive all course materials in a digital format through this program unless a digital format is unavailable or not appropriate for a course. All digital materials will be made available in Canvas by the first day of classes. Many digital textbooks have extended access (up to 5 years) which allows students to access materials beyond the courses’ end. For courses with required print materials, students will receive an email indicating which items to pick up at The Cornell Store.

Changes at The Cornell Store

The Cornell Store no longer houses in-stock textbooks and course materials for purchase. Students who choose to opt out of the Academic Materials Program may purchase individual digital textbooks and other course content online at or special-order print textbooks from the textbook help desk on the lower level of The Cornell Store.

Read more about the benefits of this program, how it works, and answers to frequently asked questions, at

Fall Booklists

Students can access their personalized booklist starting August 5, 2024. Within 24 hours of enrolling in classes, you’ll see the required and optional books for your registered courses. To view your booklist, click the link below or log in to our website by clicking LOGIN in the top corner of this page and then select LOGIN FOR CORNELL USERS. Visit textbooks-by-schedule-instructions for detailed instructions.

View Your Personalized Booklist

If you haven’t enrolled in classes yet or you want to see what course materials will be used in a particular class before enrolling, you can view textbooks by course without logging in.


How to Purchase Your Books


If you are taking undergraduate courses at Cornell, you have access to your required digital textbooks and coursepacks in Canvas by the first day of class through the Cornell Academic Materials Program so there is no need to purchase your textbooks separately. You can sign in to using your Cornell NetID and select View or Print Booklist view/print a list of the materials that will be used in your registered courses.

Graduate Students:

Sign in to using your Cornell NetID and select View or Print Booklist to view the textbooks and course materials for your registered courses. You may shop our site directly from your booklist, and you can also compare prices with other online retailers.