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Important Textbook Information

Summer Textbooks

Summer textbooks are now available for purchase https://www.cornellstore.com/adoption-search

Download Ordering Instructions for Summer College Programs for High School Students (pdf file)

Information about Purchasing Fall Textbooks

Information regarding purchasing textbooks for fall semester, including when to access your custom booklist will become available by July 15, 2020.

Information about Textbook Buyback

In-store textbook buyback for the spring 2020 term is currently unavailable. To offer this service remotely, The Cornell Store has partnered with leading buyback providers Nebraska Book Company and MBS Textbook Exchange to offer students the opportunity to sell no longer needed textbooks.

Through our Virtual Buyback Program, students can indicate the books they would like to sell and will be offered price quotes and a free shipping label. Once buyback books are received at the respective vendors, payment is issued in the form indicated during your checkout experience.

Please visit our buyback page for more information: https://www.cornellstore.com/textbook-buying-buyback

Information about Returning Textbook Rentals from Spring Semester

The rental return deadline has been extended beyond the original May 16, 2020 return date to September 9, 2020. To determine the best option regarding your rentals, please follow the guide below:

I wish to buy out and keep my rentals: Rental buyout (the price of the book minus what you already paid to rent) can be charged directly to your bursar account. Please contact us if you’d like to process a buy out and keep your rentals: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us

I will be returning to campus for Fall 2020: If you are returning in the fall 2020 semester, you may wish to bring your Spring 2020 rentals back to campus with you. The Cornell Store can also provide a pre-paid shipping label if you wish to send us rentals sooner. To request a shipping label, please contact us: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us

I will not be returning to campus for Fall 2020: Please contact us to obtain a prepaid shipping label or to buyout your rentals: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us Additional processing fees will be incurred for any rentals not returned by the return date early in the fall semester (to be announced). To avoid this fee, it is best to buyout any rentals you know you will have the ability to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

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