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The Cornell Store and Cornell Housing & Residential Life are collaborating with DormCo to provide a convenient solution for ordering bedding and supplies and having them delivered directly to your room before you arrive.

Our DormCo online store offers:

  • High-quality, value-priced bedding packages as well as over 5,000 budget-friendly products to help you make your room one of a kind!
  • A wide selection of extended length (Twin XL) sheets and comforters needed to fit beds in Cornell’s on-campus residence halls
  • Simple ordering
  • Convenient contactless delivery prior to your arrival (for students in on-campus residence halls, see instructions below)
  • $2.95 flat-rate delivery

On-Campus Students:
Take advantage of in-room delivery before you arrive!

Have your DormCo order shipped to campus and placed in your dorm room before you arrive by following these simple steps. ONLY ON-CAMPUS STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS DELIVERY METHOD.

  • Visit and place your desired order by August 2, 2021.
  • When placing an order with DormCo for on-campus, in-room delivery, shipping information MUST include the shipping address and student's information as outlined below.

    Student's First Name and Last Name
    Address Line 1: Student's NetID
    Address Line 2: Room Number, Building
    Country: United States
    Zip Postal Code: 14853
    City: Ithaca
    State: New York
    Phone number: Student's phone number
  • All orders placed by August 2 using the shipping information above will get shipped to Cornell University and secured in your dorm room before your arrival.

Off-Campus Students:
Shipped conveniently to your residence

  • Visit and place your desired order.
  • Include your desired shipping address for standard flat-rate shipping on the site.

Important Information:

Student Discount Pricing
Ensures you get the lowest price possible including our low, flat rate shipping of only $2.95 per order.

Selection & Quality Guarantee
Easy 30-day return policy on the largest selection of residence hall bedding and supplies by contacting

Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the contactless and convenient delivery option be available to me if I don’t live in a residence hall?
    This service is only available for students living on campus in the residence halls.

  • What if I’ll live off campus? Can DormCo ship to my apartment?
    Yes, to receive your DormCo order you would need to place your order using your off campus housing address.

  • Is Greek Life housing considered on campus housing for the DormCo contactless and convenient delivery option?
    No, you will need to place your order for shipment using your Greek Life housing address.

  • Can I order a DormCo package and add additional DormCo items to my order?
    Yes, you can select a package and add any additional product that you would need from the DormCo site to your order.

  • Can I still place an order through DormCo after August 2?
    Yes, you can still place orders after Monday, August 2, 2021 but will not have the option for the on campus contactless and convenient delivery option.

  • How will my order be left in my residence hall room?
    All DormCo orders that are delivered on campus as part of the contactless and convenient delivery will be secured in your room in their original shipping box.

  • If I opt for the DormCo contactless and convenient delivery option when do those items ship?
    DormCo will hold all Cornell orders and ship them to Cornell after August 2. At that time, we will arrange to have secured in your dorm prior to your arrival.

  • Can anyone order from the DormCo site even if they are not a student?
    Yes, any individual can order from the DormCo site and have items delivered to the address of their choice.

  • Can I return my Dorm Co order?
    Yes. Please carefully review and follow the Return Policy instructions on the website. Please note: return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.

  • Can I cancel or adjust my “Order Now > Ship Later” order before it ships on August 2, 2021?
    Yes, however, for any items already picked and packed, DormCo charges a 15% restocking fee to cover the added warehouse labor costs. This applies to restocking canceled items or a canceled orders and is deducted from the amount of your refund. If you simply add items to your order, there is no additional fee for this.

Additional Resources

For questions about your DormCo order, contact DormCo by phone (888) 925-2899 or email