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Create a Custom Course Packet in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Bibliography

Provide a complete table of contents with complete citations (formal citations are required by law for all copyright materials. See Cornell University Library Citation Management webpage.

Please see Course Packets Guide below for more information.

Step 2: Compile Content (check format and quality before submitting)

Provide a clean master. You need only to submit new articles that have not been used in past packets. We have articles used in past packets archived.

If you need a case or article please email custompub@cornell.edu and we will search our large database of archived articles.

We accept PDF files in Portrait, 8.5x11 size only. Please make sure that your files are in this format before submitting. Remember: the quality of the documents you provide determine the quality of the final product. Please send quality copies.

Please place a colored blank sheet between articles.

Step 3: Submit to Custom Publishing Staff

You can email files to custompub@cornell.edu or send multiple/large files via the Cornell DropBox to lam18@cornell.edu. Alternatively, you may stop in store Monday-Friday between 8am-4:30 pm with a flash drive or hard copy. C-Pub is located within The Cornell Store (135 Ho Plaza).

Course Packets Guide


Read the Custom Publishing Copyright page for detailed information on copyright policy.


Most publishers charge royalties to reproduce their

copyrighted materials. The average copyright cost is approximately 18¢ per

page, per copy, but can often be much higher. When a publisher charges a

royalty over 25¢ per page, per copy, we will contact you to give you the option

of pulling the piece from your packet.


A well-prepared bibliography is integral to producing a

course packet. Without the correct and complete information, we cannot write to

a publisher to ask permission to copy. Publishers require the following

information in order to process our request:

Please visit http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage for help with your citations.

For Books:

  • Author/Editor
  • Title of Book
  • Edition #
  • Copyright Year
  • Publisher
  • Chapter Title and Author
  • Page Numbers
  • ISBN
For Journals:
  • Author/Editor
  • Title of Journal
  • Issue #
  • Copyright Year
  • Publisher
  • Article Title
  • Page Numbers

Without the above information our letter will be incomplete

and a publisher may not be able to reference our citation - and will deny

permission to copy.


All of our course packets are scanned, stored and printed electronically in order to maintain the highest reproduction quality. Tips for Better Quality Materials: Even the latest technology cannot improve on the quality of the originals. We can simply make the very best copy of what we are given. Therefore, if you want your students to have clear and legible packets, here are some hints for compiling your master packet:
  • Give us the original or best copy available. You will get them back.
  • When making the originals, make sure the copies are not too close to the edge of the paper - words may be cut out by the three-holed paper or lost in the binding.
  • Put the cover down on the copier - too much toner will hurt your machine and produce poor copies.
  • Double check your materials to make sure the pages are in order and complete!

Desk Copies:

For every 30 students, we will supply one complimentary desk copy. For classes of 60, two free copies, for classes of 90, three and so on. If these do not fulfill your needs, you may order additional copies. (Classes with at least an enrollment of 18 packets will receive one free desk copy). You will receive your desk copies soon after your packet is printed. If you need your materials sooner than that, you may pick up your originals if we have already scanned them. Just call to check on the status.


Since we print all the course packets ourselves, we feel a great responsibility to keep the number of leftovers as low as possible. To do this, we usually print approximately 80% of enrollment. After the packets sell out, students can order a reprint of the packet and pick it up within 2 business days - Usually packets are ready next day. (Not counting weekends.) If this proves to be a great inconvenience to your class schedule, we will print 100% of enrollment if you agree to pay for the leftover packets. Your cooperation in keeping the numbers of leftovers down is greatly appreciated. Last year we reduced our waste by 75%! That's about four hundred reams of paper!


Students may return their packets for a full refund as long as the packets are unmarked and complete, and is within the return policy guidelines. (One week after purchase.) Because course packets are customized materials, we do not buy them back at the end of the semester as we do with textbooks.


The deadline established for each semester is the last day you can bring in your packet and have it promised for the first day of class. We will gladly accept packets after the deadline and make every effort to produce it as fast as possible but cannot guarantee it to be ready for the first day of class. If you do not need your packet for the first week of class, just call us and we'll set a different deadline for you based on your needs.

One helpful suggestion is to make a "Part 1" packet that covers the first few weeks. This allows you plenty of time to put the rest of the packet together at a later time, when we can turn around packets much quicker. (Within one week.)

Course Packets and Library E-Reserves

If an item is included in a course packet, the Cornell University Library will only be able to place on electronic reserves those items that are available in separately licensed electronic journals or for which permission of the copyright owner has been secured. Faculty should consider whether course packets or e-reserves will best suit their student's needs.