Textbook Rental Program and Rental Returns

Returning Fall 2020 Textbook Rentals

The rental return deadline for fall 2020 rental textbooks was December 19, 2020. If you still have rental textbooks from fall semester, please contact us

Spring 2021 Textbook Rentals

The rental return deadline for spring 2021 rental textbooks is May 25, 2021. To determine the best option regarding your rentals, please follow the guide below:

I wish to buy out and keep my rentals: Rental buyout (the price of the book minus what you already paid to rent) can be charged directly to your bursar account. Please contact us if you’d like to process a buy out and keep your rentals: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us

I am leaving campus before the rental deadline and I need my book while studying from home:
You may keep your rental and request a prepaid shipping label to ship your rental back before the deadline at no charge. You may also buyout your rental. Please contact us to obtain your shipping label or to purchase your rental.

Additional processing fees will be incurred for any rentals not returned by the return date. To avoid this fee, it is best to buyout any rentals that you have decided to keep.

Returning Rental Textbooks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where do I find my textbook's due date?
Rented textbooks for spring 2021 are due back to The Cornell Store by May 25, 2021. See return options above.

I'm not sure what rentals I have, how can I check?
Please contact us to check your rentals: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us

My rentals are damaged, can I still return them?
Most cases, no. Please contact us to identify an alternate solution: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us
Rented books that have visible signs of water damage, missing pages, damaged cover or spine, excessive markings, or other physical destruction of the book will not be accepted for return. Rented textbooks deemed as an unacceptable return will be converted to a purchase plus a 10% fee and payment will be due at the time of buyout.

How do I return my textbooks at the end of my rental period?
Rentals may be returned to The Cornell Store (main campus store) at any time prior to the return deadline. You may also obtain a prepaid return label by submitting a contact form request: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us

What happens if I am late returning my textbooks?
If a rented textbook is not returned to The Cornell Store by the due date, you will be bursar charged for the buyout price: purchase price at the time of rental plus a 10% fee, less any rental fees already paid. Please do not mail or drop off any overdue rental books that have already been charged for buyout.

I mistakenly sold back a book that I rented. What do I do now?
A rented textbook that is not returned to us as a rental will be charged the buyout price plus a 10% fee.

Can I extend my textbook rental?

No, rentals cannot be extended. However, if you’d like to convert your rental to a purchase, please contact us: https://www.cornellstore.com/contact-us

Renting Textbooks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How does the in-store rental process work?

Due to social distancing guidelines, textbooks will not be available for in-person shopping for spring 2021.

Course Materials purchasing must be completed through cornellstore.com and either shipped to your destination of choice or scheduled for curbside store pick-up according to campus reopening guidelines.  Use our online textbook price comparison tool to shop online to see rental options. Textbooks available for rent have two different prices based on condition, the new rental price and the used rental price. Select the textbook you would like to rent in the desired condition. Review the rental terms and conditions. Completing the transaction indicates your acceptance of the rental terms. Save your receipt. It will be needed if you want to return your book for a refund during the textbook refund period.

Why would I want to rent a textbook?
Many students are only interested in using some textbooks for the duration of a class. Renting for a semester typically costs less than half of the new book price. Renting removes the risk of how much the book may be worth at the end of the semester and you can capture the savings up front instead of waiting for Textbook Buyback at the end of the term. If you decide to keep the book, you can purchase it at any time during the rental period for the difference between the new rental fee and the current new selling price or the used rental fee and the current used selling price, based on whether the book was rented in new or used condition at the time of the transaction.

Is it a better deal to rent a book or to purchase it and then sell it back at Textbook Buyback?
Renting provides a lower up-front cost. In some cases, it can be less expensive to buy a used text (when available) and sell it at buyback. There is always the chance that the text won't be bought back if a newer edition is published or if the professor switches to a different book, so renting ensures some cost savings.

Do I receive any money back for rented textbooks?
No. Rental fees paid to rent the book for the semester are not refunded. At the beginning of the semester, rental refunds are permitted during the refund period. At the end of the term, rented books are simply “checked-in” the same way a rented car is returned at the end of its rental period.

Can I get a refund on a rented book?
Yes. Refunds for textbooks rented in-store or online from the Cornell Store will be treated in the same manner as refunds for purchased textbooks. Our standard course materials return policy will apply.

Why isn't the book for my class available for rent?
Unfortunately, not all textbooks qualify for our rental program. There are multiple factors that are considered, from how current the text is to the size of the class, and how often the course is offered.

Can I use a highlighter in my rental text?
Books must be returned in salable condition as determined by store staff. Minimal highlighting and marking is allowed. Books with damage to the spine, torn covers, missing pages, or any water damage will not be accepted.